Monday 6 May 2013

The Value of The Written Word

Hello Friends. The warm weather has had me outside allot these past few days so I have not had much of a chance to post. I wanted to share with you the ideas that were presented at our therapy session last Thursday. Journaling. Pretty easy right. If you are like me you have heard this tool repeated by countless therapists and counsellors in the past. Its not really a new concept but have you really given it a thorough try? I have tried journaling over the past few years. Several times in fact. Come to think it this blog is the most consistent journaling I have achieved. My thought is how much effort have I really placed in my journaling. If nothing else it will serve as a guidepost for measuring my ups and downs. Why then do I have such a hard time committing to the practice. I tell myself that its because I am on the go with my family from the moment my eyes flutter open until they close again at night. That being said I still manage to fit in all the other things that I have labelled as a priority. Why not this? I think it scares me a bit. What is someone found it and my innermost thoughts were revealed? What if I write something that delves too far into my hurt and despair? What if it reveals I am not making the progress I am thinking is occurring? Interestingly I think it comes back to my fear of people judging me. Perhaps a fear of my being able to further judge myself. Am I afraid of the metre stick I am using to gauge my healing? Will writing it down make it a tangible scale with which to weigh my mental health? Probably! So I am going to commit to trying harder to journal. There must be a reason all those well educated individual keep telling me to do it. Are you interested in therapeutic journaling. I have found a few resources for you. My thoughts are with you today! -Tracy

 Excellent article on Journal Therapy A list of Journaling Resources and Prompts PDF about the value of Journaling

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