Tuesday 7 May 2013

Excitement and Frustration

I am just a ball of emotion today! Perhaps because I stayed up too late watching YouTube...again.  Maybe because I woke up way too early this morning, for no apparent reason other than I was unable to sleep. Regardless, today was a mixed bag of chaos and nonsense.

 Let me explain: in recognition of Canadian Mental Health Week Author Kerry Connelly has agreed to guest post on Friday!!!!! Yay! She is going to discuss her own struggles with mental health as well as her new book "SHAKEN". I hope you are as excited as I am.  I think I am doing well writing this itty bitty blog to discuss my journey and here she is publishing a book.  Her second actually, Observation City is available in paperback now.  Please show her support as she draws the spotlight onto her own life in an attempt to raise awareness for a cause near and dear to us all.

Secondly, last night I found a really good YouTube video on Journal Therapy.  I did not get a chance to view the rest in the series but there seems to be allot of great information here. The video is short and sweet but packed full of writing prompts for different types of journalling.

She calls it Therapeutic writing in this video but its all the same thing.  Diaries, journals or therapeutic writing...tomAto...tomato...

And finally as though you thought this post was long enough I feel the need to share my day! Picture this: I dropped my little boy off at preschool and was in the car again by 8:50 am.  My appointment to have maintenance on my car was at 9:30 am.  Trying to be as efficient as possible I decided to get my hair cut before the appointment for the car thus freeing me up to get back home sooner. -you know how important that is for me! If you have Social Anxiety like me you know how long it took for me to decide to get my haircut rather than my usual flip upside down and trim the ends.  Well the place was packed....strike 1....then there were only 2 stylists on and one was in back doing a perm. When it was finally my turn the stylist from the back runs out and says "just a cut right...thats all I have time for". Really?....strike 2.....I should have left right then...but of course that would mean I would be running away again and I have been trying so hard this week to acknowledge the anxiety and stay the course.  Sometimes Anxiety is really just a warning bell to tell you really really really should just get the heck out of there.  I timidly showed the stylist the picture of my desired cut which she did not even look at.  If you check out my profile picture I have...had really long naturally curly hair.  Before I could stop her she took a razor comb to my hair as well as thinning shears.  She chopped and sliced and left my hair a million lengths. I left the salon in shock.  I was then late for my appointment at the dealership so when I arrived there was no courtesy driver to take me to my Mom's to wait for my car. So they put me in a crowded waiting room.  Guess how that went.  I ended up calling my Mom and asking her to pick me up.  When I got in the car and she saw my glassy eyes and chopped up hair she drove me to her stylist to repair the damage.  It took a really long time to undo the massive horror of the cut but eventually the stylist turned it into a lovely shaggy bob reminiscent of Meg Ryan in years gone by. It was a horrid experience for sure but if I had not stuck with it and seen it through I would have had to deal with the horrible style that would have left me hiding indoors for the next few months.  It sucked...but i survived. It reinforces the idea that crap happens but I can keep going.  What obstacles did you overcome today? My thoughts are with you....Tracy

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