Liebster Award

Thank you Kerri Connelly  for the nomination for the Liebster award.  I accept it with great pride that my little blog has caught the attention of such a talented writer as you.

Here are the 11 QUESTIONS I was asked by the lovely and ever talented Author Kerry Connelly!liebster-award/c116g

 1- What was your childhood dream?

 My childhood dream was to be a mother of 10. Then I found out that I could not have biological children at 17 and the world came crashing down. I thought it meant the end of my dream. I immediately set a plan in motion. By 19 I was married, bought a home and had secured a management job at a local financial planning centre. By the time I was 23, I was bouncing my first of 4 chosen children on my knee. I think all dreams are possible if only we are prepared to imagine them in different ways.

2- They say, 'For every man who wants to rule the world, there is a man who just wants to be free', which one are you? 

I used to want to rule the world, now I would be happy to get someone to pick up their dirty socks.

3- What made you want to start a blog?

 I started my blog because I wanted to share my story about parenting and homeschooling and crafty things that I did. ( one day out of nowhere I created A World Outside My Window.  I was feeling a bit isolated not having anyone that really understood what I was dealing with and I really just needed somewhere to journal my thoughts. I was surprised when others started following my blog.  It reassured me that there were more people out there looking for someone to understand their daily struggles with Mental Health Issues.

4- If you could play any character from any movie you have ever seen, who would it be and why?

 I would love to say Elizabeth Bennett or someone equally charming but though I adore watching their antics on movies it is far too dramatic for me.  I choose Winnie the Pooh, he eats honey, sleeps most of the time and has fluff for a brain, instead of the many clanging gears I have constantly whirling in my head.

5- Do you believe in the spirit world?

I do believe in the spirit world. I am a firm believer in Catholicism and there are many references in  the bible to indicate the presence of the spirit world.

6- Name 3 famous people, dead or alive, that you would like to invite over for dinner.

That’s interesting! I don’t know what I would make? I think Blessed Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II and Jesus. Then I could get all the answers from some reliable sources.

7- Do you support any humanitarian causes?

 I support many humanitarian causes. My family raises money for multiple organizations through our involvement with parish groups and local charities.

8- How many languages can you speak?

 Is toddler a language? I feel like that is all I have been spoken to in the last 10 years. Ok, Ok..I speak English and a very very small amount of French.

9- If you could switch professions for a week, what other occupation would you try?

 If they would let me run the UN for a week I would give it a try.  Only if I could telecommute though because you know I hate to leave my house.

10-  What song would you choose to belt out in a karaoke competition?

 Loretta Lynn’s Coal Miner's Daughter (because anyone can sound good singing that baby).

11- If you could hear only one song for the rest of your life - which song would it be and why? (Title and artist)

Roots and Wings by Mark Harris because it makes me think of all the children that have passed through my home as foster children and that I hope I gave them roots here with us.

11 Random Things about Me

  1. I grind my teeth
  2. I (like miss Connelly) have a hidden tattoo and none of the girls from my Catholic Girl's League would believe you if you said I did.
  3. I am a compulsive online shopper. Sometimes after I take my sleeping meds I log onto ebay and its a total surprise when the packages arrive.
  4. I am afraid of the future.
  5. I am ashamed of the past.
  6. I feel like I am floating through the present.
  7. I don't have many friends anymore that I don't require internet to chat with.
  8. I still want to prove that I have a purpose.
  9. Only my faith is keeping me from going totally crazy.
  10. I have been married 3 times....two times to my current husband. (After i converted we had to get married again in the Catholic Church.)
  11. My children are my most precious treasure.

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Please accept this award in appreciation for your talent in sharing your journey with us. Please keep up the great work.