Thursday 9 May 2013

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Today was the last day of my group therapy session on CBT. I did not realize how invested you get in other members lives when you spend a couple hours for a couple months picking through your every thought. I thought I would be relieved to have the sessions end. No more driving on the highway, no more crowded elevators and parking garages. I suddenly feel a void in the shape of the people who have explored this mile of my journey and I feel like I will never know how their stories unfold. Each one of them brought something special to the group that helped me learn more about myself. To my "bike riding" friend, thank you for your unsinkable attitude! You taught me perseverance in the face of life's challenging moments. To "Mr. Collectible" you taught me that there is a place for caring and sensitivity in the world and your skills at handling difficult situations with character and integrity inspired me. To "Mr. Analyzer" you highlighted areas of our lessons so perfectly sometimes I felt that you could read my mind! Of course I am not able to articulate my thoughts the way you can. You taught me to look at situations from different perspectives. "Mr. Shades" you reinforced in me that no matter what else we do in life, the time we spend with our children will be our greatest accomplishment. "Mrs. Fit Master" you inspired me to look at my life with a larger lens and to figure out where life will lead if I don't make changes now. "Fearless Leader" your patience and calm demeanor helped me to grasp the concept of not allowing your reactive mind to run the show. You were an endless wealth of information and I look forward to joining a new group with you in the fall. "Miss Go Getter" I will look forward to seeing your name announced someday for a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and stories as well as all your support. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you as we start the next chapter in our individual journeys.

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