Monday 29 April 2013

Catching Up on My Reading List

So as my interest in Wonder Pets waned today I grabbed my new book that I got last week at Costco. Yeah, I know I purchased two but I have been a slacker this week.  I started with the one on depression.  I read the intro and the first three chapters.  I did not even realise that the book included a CD with all the worksheets discussed in the book.  Bonus! I have to tell you that even the first three chapters have already given me a lot to think about.  Basically it says no one is blaming you for being depressed but you are doing things that are counterproductive to getting better. I felt a bit defensive about that.  Surely the authors were not implying that I was not doing everything I can to regain my life.  Well, yeah they did. Or at least that all my attempts at getting better are the wrong things. Let me give you an example that I worked out all by my little lonesome today.  I tell you I am becoming a self-help guru.

My Life Example
 (because this is my blog so who else`s life should I use)
Since being depressed and dealing with social anxiety I shake.  Really shake! So I tend to refrain from going to Mass or....well pretty much anywhere because I do not want people to look at me and judge me.  Why is that, well because I want people to think I am normal....and why is that, I want them to like me, be my friend. That is because I want to have a community of friends to spend time to prevent people from seeing me shake and not want to spend time with me....I hide in my house...never letting them be around me...see counterproductive! I told you.  Its a real brain twisting exercise.  I am thoroughly exhausted by the entire exercise.  Guess I should have stuck to Wonder Pets.  Hoping your journey is going in the right direction today -Tracy

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