Thursday 9 May 2013

Meet Kerry Connelly: Author and Survivor

As promised Kerry Connelly is guest posting today! I must admit Kerry's bravery in sharing her story makes me feel rather inadequate in my efforts to raise awareness about Mental Health.  Hopefully, as people read her story there will be new discussions about what it is like for people who suffer in silence and solitude out of fear of judgement.  Many people would rather seal themselves off from the world than tell someone that they need help.  If you or someone you know is suffering from Mental Health issues please read Kerry's book.  We are stronger when we share our stories with the world.  

Thanks for joining us today Kerry I will look forward to hearing more from you as your book launch gets closer!


Candid Introduction/Shaken pre- release promotion and depression/emotional abuse awareness.

Hi ever body, My name’s Kerry Connelly, You may be politely scratching your head thinking, ‘Hmm should I know her?’  No need to rack your brains… no you ‘shouldn’t’ know me – but hopefully you will.
I’m an author and an education assistant. I’m also a sufferer of depression, panic and anxiety disorder. At 28 yrs old , I published my first book ‘Observation City’ – a witty and relatable tongue- in cheek collection of pieces on human behaviour and life situations – I got in just before my 29th birthday and am about to release my 2nd book which is  much different to the joyous manifestation that became ‘OC’ (available now in paperback).

Not so long ago I was in a pretty bad place, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and suffering terribly from depression and other mental health issues, apart from that I was in a job that was contributing to my depression. I was basically fed up and feeling so far past low and lonely that I thought I may end up in a loony bin!

I started to change my circumstances, I quit my job – yep that’s exactly what I did, -You know it’s got to be bad when the only light there was to quit.  Now don’t think I took immense pleasure in quitting– I actually liked my job in the beginning and quitting brought a flood of tears, but I knew it was contributing to the deterioration of my mental health, which is an extremely important issue – so I took a casual position instead while I cradled my dream to learn and write and also get involved in education.
And so - I studied and obtained my certification in education support.                                                                          I left the emotionally abusive situation I was in, but continued to struggle, as I still sometimes do, with my mental health and the understanding of both myself and the situations I have been in
Anything there sound familiar?

What I started to realise is that I want and always have wanted to feel ‘something more’. I remembered back to my primary school graduation, where a 12year old girl in a bright green dress with matching lime green pumps, stood on the assembly stage while the principal declared that ‘When she grows up, Kerry wants to be a writer and a kindergarten teacher’ – maybe kids have it right in the first place, before they’re tainted by the outside world of adulthood. That’s what I realised and that’s what I started to do – in the simplest of terms, - chase my dreams.

‘Shaken: A story of emotional abuse and depression’, is inspired by personal experience, which I hope serves not only as a good read, but as a self-help book of sorts. Interspersed with checklist material and signs for the emotionally abused/depressed as well as their friends to look out for, and to understand the topic better – I hope to help at least one person gain some comfort in what may be a confusing situation.

Yes it’s a scary venture, but I believe things happen for a reason, - maybe just maybe, one of the reasons I went through such depression (Which you will learn about in ‘Shaken’) was to help me on my path of becoming a published author- who knows?

‘Shaken’ is due for release in the coming months and I would appreciate all the support that I can get as the release date draws nearer. You can show your support by joining me via my official Facebook and website pages for upcoming release information.

I hope readers will enjoy it and be able to take something personal away from reading it. I sincerely hope to connect with readers and hear your feedback and stories. Please feel free to contact me on the listed sites, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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