Friday 12 April 2013

The calm during a storm?

Oh my, have you looked out the window today (no pun intended). It is like a vast frozen wasteland out there.  This morning a large branch crashed down on top of my car.  Thank goodness I don't see any damage. Of course that is just what I can survey from our homeschool classroom as I have no intention of actually venturing outside.  I would say its the storm but realistically if it was warm and sunny I would still be held up inside my house.  Yesterday's adventures in actually going to my group have left my body totally depleted.  My back is know the feeling...those prickly little irritated nerve feelings  that sap the energy from you.  I am exhausted. I think if I am being completely honest I could say I am more than a little bit crabby.  Ok, maybe a lot more than that even.  When you are feeling like this what helps?  Besides crawling into bed and sleeping the day away.  I am thinking I might plan a very low key night with my family. A kid friendly movie, some popcorn......oooohhhh a couple hours of peace and quiet as the kids attention goes from me to the latest Dreamworks installment I am sure. Drop me a post and let me know how you unwind after a day out in the world.

B.T.W. Group was very helpful yesterday.  We went over Thought Records.  Boy you can really spend some time delving into these babies.
(Cognitive Behaviour self help resources UK)

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