Tuesday 9 April 2013

There is Strength in Numbers

Today was a busy computer day for me.  I decided to spend some time trying to find groups that were specifically for people with Anxiety Disorders.  That sounds like I should have had it finished before my first coffee but I found myself drawn into reading the posts of the many people suffering from the effects of these disorders.  It should be troubling for me to realize how many people are out there fighting every day to deal with the complications that come with Anxiety disorders but I must guiltily admit that I found great comfort in knowing I was not alone.
If you are looking for a forum or online group please check out:
Google Plus Anxiety Group
Always remember that the more we talk about the struggles we are facing the more that people will advocate for better resources for us.  The squeaky wheel and all that.
So, today, not tomorrow or next Wednesday, I challenge you to join an online support group specifically for your particular disorder.  Then come back here and leave a comment telling me where you joined.  I am thinking of you all. -Tracy

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