Wednesday 28 January 2015

#BellLetsTalk January 28, 2015

Its unbelievable how many people are tweeting their little hearts out today about Mental Health and ending the stigma.

About Bell Let’s Talk Day
In 2010 Bell announced that it would be contributing $50 million to mental health related initiatives over the next five years. The Bell Mental Health initiative supports an extensive range of programs to enhance mental health in every aspect of Canadian life.
Last year, 109,451,718 tweets, texts, calls and shares raised an additional $5,472,585.90 for mental health for Bell Let’s Talk Day 2014.As part of this initiative, Bell will donate an additional 5¢ to mental health initiatives for every Tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk and/or Facebook post with the special Bell Let’s Talk image on January 28th, 2015.
And if you are a Bell or Bell Alliant customer, Bell will also donate 5¢ for every single text message sent or long distance call made on that same day.
I love that everyone is coming out to support those of us that are suffering from invisible illnesses that are trapping us in our minds and bodies. Thank you all for making such a huge effort on our behalf. My question is....what happens tomorrow? Will you remember your promises to be more compassionate to those of us that are fighting these battles daily? Will you refrain from telling us that it's all in our heads? Will you really remember to call people that are stuck at home not able to leave and feeling lost and alone? I pray you will. We need you to. I need it. I need to feel that you the outside world will remember me tomorrow when the media is no longer interested in our cause. I need to know that even though I can't interact with you the same way I used to, you still care that I am here. Do that and you will really help remove the stigma. Do that and you will change lives.

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