Tuesday 2 December 2014

November Blues

Thanks, I know its December but its the November blues that have had me down and not posting. This year has been such a powerful year for me in terms of my regaining my life. I would not have dared hope to be feeling as well as I have been. Its like I am living the life I intended and not giving in to my mental health issues. Am I still taking my I still seeing the drs....yep.....but i don't's allowing me to be me again. But then came November. The skies got dark and dreary, the anniversary of Becca's death, the remembrance of my Dad' birthday. Ruminating. The sun it out today and I am getting things accomplished and feeling the excitement of Christmas planning. The difference between November this year vs last is that I recognize that just like every season in our life...."This too shall pass..." Its just a bump in my road to recovery. Hoping that you are finding your own path less rocky. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Tracy

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