Saturday 20 September 2014

Will You Promise Me?

There are many events in our lives that shape who we become. Sometimes it is a family member, a school teacher or a friend. In my case it was a woman I met during the time I was a foster parent. We became quick friends and soon realized that we had led almost parallel lives. We had both endured abuse as kids, battled fertility issues, had a huge love for Jesus and spent way too much on Scrapbooking. It was our greatest joy to jump in the car and go off on a whirlwind adventure to exoctic locations like....West Port....or ...Kitchener. We watched the fireworks at Fort Henry and we teared up at the love story on Boldt Island. We stood by each other while we renewed our vows to our husbands and she held my babies as they were being baptised. We loved sharing with each other how we saw God moving mountains in our lives. We prayed for the strength not to bop our husbands on the noggin when they seemed not to understand. Those few years that she was in my life count for a large chunk of my very best memories.

On October 30th 2011 she stood beside me while my last child was baptised. We spent the whole day together conspiring about what our next adventure would be. We were fairly convinced we could persuade our husbands to haul my new trailer all the way to Kitchener so that we could camp out at Scrapfest. After years of trying and fertility doctors galore she was finally having a baby. We started planning the shower that would be Peter Rabbit themed to match the new stamps she had found a few weeks earlier on our trip to Oshawa. When she was getting ready to leave she gave me a huge hug. My poor son was embarrassed and said "Awwww Yuck." so she hugged me harder and said "this is our favourite part". Little did I know that I would never hug her again. Our adventure list would remain incomplete. Our plans unfulfilled. Two days later she died in a fatal car crash that is believed was caused by her texting and driving. My life had been given a hole that no time could repair. I visit her every time I am in Kingston still, but its not the same. Though I feel her watching over me I can never just hug her and know she will always be in my life. She's gone. I'm here. How many times I wish I could turn back time and tell her not to text and drive. I can't. Please tell your loved ones while you still can.

Please promise not to text and drive. Keep your promise. Save Lives.


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