Tuesday 11 June 2013

Venturing Outside My Comfort Zone

Well, I am quite content to just put my feet up now and consider today a great success. If I accomplish nothing else today I will still be content.  You are simply not going to believe what I did today! I went to an actual meeting in an actual government office...face to face....and remained for the duration of my time.  Ooohhh whooo me. Ok, so I won't be expecting anyone knocking down my door to offer me my mental health achievement award (if you have one though it would be pretty great). Let me fill you in on my plan, I have applied to become involved with a career counsellor to hook me into online courses for small business management.  Some of you may have already seen links or feeds about my little venture. I have decided firmly that even though I can go out and work in a regular brick and mortar business I can still be semi-productive by working from home.  Thanks to online shopping I can have all the supplies I need to produce my product shipped to my door. Ok, the post office around the corner but at least I won't have to go to an actual store if I don't feel well. I will be able to sell my product online and communicate with customers via my online store so that no one will be able to tell that I am shaking like crazy or about to run out of a room. Pretty clever huh. So today it has begun for me.  That phone just has to ring for me and I will be on my way to becoming a productive member of society once again.  Not bad for a Tuesday. I hope you are making progress on your dreams today. Don't let your illness shape your life. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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