Wednesday 26 June 2013

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Stronger

My Grandma always used to say "absence makes the heart grow stronger" when I would come home for summer holidays convinced my life was over because I would not be able to see my friends for the WHOLE summer. Well I survived as you may have guessed and now the thought of a summer away camping makes my spirits soar.  I am just floating on air today as I pack up my crafty things and get ready to head out into the wild yonder. I consider it wild because I will be without internet for the entire time (minus the times I sneak on with my cell phone to check my facebook). Come on, that would be barbaric not to have facebook for 9 whole weeks.  So I am off tomorrow as soon as my babies get off the bus. I am starting to pack my car tonight.  I will try to upload the odd post over the summer if I am back at the house (gotta have clean clothes sometime) but it will be sporadic at best.  I will be thinking of you all summer and hoping that you are enjoying good friends and good weather somewhere with a lovely view!

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