Tuesday 11 October 2022

How Covid Affected Access to Mental Health Supports.

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So much has changed in the world since those first scarey days in March of 2020.

People of all walks of life began suffering from anxiety and depression at record rates. Seperation from family and friends, fear of the unknown when we left our all contributed to a society that was suffering.
For once it seems that the medical field was proactive. They embraced changing landscapes and moved from an in office model to an online meeting format.

As a veteran of in office care, this change was monumental to me. Avoiding the stress of getting ready, driving an hour to my psychiatrist, dealing with finding a space in the parking garage and then facing people in the halls, elevator and waiting room, made me mentally available to actually deal with issues rather than being nerve frayed dreading the activities needed to get home.
There is still a backlog trying to get referalls to see a mental health professional in many areas but with the new online technology you can proactively find your own provider.

Several services have appeared online in the last couple of years to provide access to therapists for people,e needing support for their mental health.

One such resource is Mental Fuel Inc. They will match you with a qualified therapist to help you deal with whatever stresses are affecting your Mental Health.

Take charge of your mental health before it become debilitating. The sooner people get help, the better their prognosis. So don't try to push through on your own or just deny what you are feeling, that will just cause more issues.

Spend some time today researching the services available at Mental Fuel Inc. and invest in your wellbeing.

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