Thursday 7 May 2020

For once we are just like everyone else

Who would have thought 2020 would have shaken us from every illusion we had about our lives. Job security, family connection, health, wealth or even that our modern world would never be brought to its knees by any type of virus.

Every day I see news headlines about the state of everyone's mental health. The government's are pouring billions of dollars into improving access to mental health services. I am hopeful that this new awareness of what it feels like to be isolated, anxious, depressed....falling....deeper and deeper into despair...that it is not forgotten when the rest of the world returns to their regular life and those of us who battle this everyday are left behind.

My hope for this period of history is that we all take note of the lessons we have been given. Our air can be clean, our waters fresh, our cities safe and our loved ones connected, people looking out for each other, our seniors our neighbours. 

It's unfortunate that it took a deadly virus to show us these things, but now that we have seen it, how will it change us? Will you continue to take being able to hug your Mom for granted? Will you still roll your eyes when a friend cancels going out because she has too much anxiety to get out of bed? If you do, well, then you missed the opportunity to grow. You missed the lesson. You missed the point.

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