Tuesday 3 November 2015

Guest Post: Kim Belanger-Mills Holistic/Vegan Lifestyle Consultant

Got Stress?

Kim Belanger-Mills Holistic/Vegan Lifestyle Consultant
I was asked to be a guest blogger on tips for those with stress. I'm not a doctor or therapist but stress is my business, "Helping those with stress in their life to feel more peaceful and grounded". Why stress? Because I've dealt with my fair share. Here's my story and how I keep on top of stress.... 

I grew up in a very... intense...household. My father was old-school military and made no bones about letting me know that he never wanted me, found me to be a burden and loved his car more than me. My mother was always the victim who couldn't leave my father because she had me. Both angry and depressed.

My childhood was anxious (obviously) and I remember having night terrors. Speed ahead to my teen years I had high anxiety and panic attacks daily.  I asked my parents for help but they just stared at me like I was an alien. I was on my own.

The mental and emotional abuse at home didn't get any better and when I was 19 my mother attempted suicide in front of me. This is when I started to lay down some boundaries with my parents and others.

Here's what I learned... EVERYTHING can be a learning experience and the most important thing is to start with self-respect and boundaries from others. You teach people how to treat you and you deserve your own life  and to be happy. Not 10 years from now. TODAY.
So, fix your relationship, get rid of those who don't positively enhance your life. Parents, siblings, friends, spouse.... *gasp* yes, anyone. It may not make you very popular with those who only seek to control you but that's their business. Your business is being happy, plain and simple.

Something else that helped me immensely is to find things that give me joy. Sounds easy, eh? It's not. First, stop listening to others. You can't find YOUR joy if you are constantly listening to others in what THEY want you to do or negativity about what you "can't do". It might be gardening, walking, running, training for a race.... oh, and remember, there is no such thing as failure. Only failure to try! 

Replace stress and anxiety with something better. Healthier. 

Here are some ideas...

-use essential oils
-meditate (count your breaths, do yoga, do dishes with the tv off)
-exercise (walk, run, bike etc)
-read (as in fiction, for fun)
-get up a 1/2 hour earlier to journal and plan how wonderful your day will go (it's mostly an intention, after all)
-eat more raw food (smoothies are amazing)
-smudge (changes the energy of the room and even yourself)
-find a life purpose (my family and I are planning to buy a farm in 2016 and to open a farm sanctuary)
-receive Energywork (such as Reiki)

I'm not going to tell you that once you have a system of tools in place that your life will be all roses and sunshine. Nope. (2003 my dad died, and 2005-2008 my mom died, I was laid off from my job, started school, was separated, was divorced, had a miscarriage, gave birth to a daughter, was remarried) BUT, I will tell you that you will bounce back quicker and easier. You will feel more confident that you can handle just about anything and you will worry WAY less and hopefully enjoy your life WAY more. Because that's what life is all about, right? Enjoying it!! 

If you would like further information about any of the tips given (essential oils, meditation, Reiki, smudge etc) please visit or information about our farm sanctuary journey can be found at 

Kim Belanger-Mills
Holistic/Vegan Lifestyle Consultant

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