Wednesday 4 July 2018

Roots of the matter

Last week I received a review copy of
The Self Esteem Workbook for Women.

That is not earth shattering news as I receive books to review almost daily. The significance was the way the book resounded with me.

For the last seven years of this Mental Health journey I have been tapping every tree in search of a cure for my anxiety and depression. You have all travelled along the path with me through countless counsellors, therapies and pills. Many times I have been asked if I love myself. No one ever asked me why I found it hard to answer.

When I think back to those dark days last December when I was ready to give up and end it all I remember thinking about how I was a burden and the world would be better off without me, my family would be better off.  Then this book arrives. On page 3 the Author Megan MacCutcheon tells us:

"Self-esteem isn't about being perfect or about having the approval of others around us. Rather, it's about accepting yourself the way you are and maintaining an intrinsic belief that you are a good and worthy person simply because you exist as a human."

Shut the front door! We are worthy just because we exist. BAM! Take that world that tells us we need to be skinny, beautiful, young, smart......anything that we are not. After 43 years of being on this planet I have finally been told the secret to surviving my mental health challenges "I am worthy just because I exist!" So there voices from the past telling me I need to be the perfect daughter, sister, student, mother, wife, employee, boss,......I am worthy, and now I know it. So now I have a clear path on how to face each day. Whatever I do, what ever happens, my value does not decrease because I am in charge of setting the value knowing that I am enough.

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