Monday 14 September 2015

A World Outside My Window: Back Home and Ready to Focus

What a summer. It reminds me why I like to stay in my own little bubble. I am home from camping now. The children have returned to school. The dog and I are quite ready to slide back into our fall routine. This fall however I have big plans for our little blog here. With the help of some friends that are each brilliant in their fields I want to cover various strategies to overcome depression and anxiety. I know we did this once by looking at various activities, this time I am thinking of a more holistic approach.

From talking to members of the various forums I am involved with it seems that many people are having adjustments made to their medications that they are finding is really improving their quality of life. I am hoping to get some of those people to do a guest appearance via google hangouts to tell us what seems to be working. (Not the easiest task for folks with social anxiety).

As the sunshine lessens we need to be prepared for the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Their are things that we can make sure we add to our diet, as well as special lighting that we can use in our homes. The trick is to not let the depression get a foothold. A good group of supporters is a huge asset.

So here we go, that's my plan for the fall. Be sure to follow the blog and like the FB page to keep up with all the interesting stuff we are working on this fall. Now get out there and soak up those last few rays of sunshine. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

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